Sunday, September 23, 2012

It finally arrived.

I seriously doubt anyone at all still checks this thing. I sure don't come here much anymore. But I wanted to post a picture of her beautiful stone. I don't know if it's too tiny to read but it says,

Sleep in Heavenly Peace
Gracie Belle
Jan 9 2012-Jan 11 2012
Beloved daughter of Emily and Kendall

We love it.

In other news,

We are doing really well. Ups and downs for sure but for the most part things are stable. Every now and then, I will feel like the wind was knocked out of me, but we carry on.

I am working on a video of Gracie. When I finish it, hopefully I will be able to post it. We shall see.

I think I am internet fatigued because I just sent a bunch of e-mails and did some family website postings so I am fairly unmotivated to write much right now. Sorry, you are all just random victims of task order.

my oldest monkey, (who was fairly unhappy with mom and dad tonight), wrote us letters.

"Dear Mom,
You are doomed."

"Dear Dad,
Perhaps you are stupid."

Lovely, isn't he?